Thursday, September 8, 2016

Watership Down by Richard Adams

In 1939, MGM released a somber cartoon titled Peace on Earth. The title, based on the Christmas song of the same name, tells a despairing story of the categorical annihilation of mankind.

The song lyrics incorporate the words "Good will to men," which leads to the history of humans as told by a grandfather squirrel to his grandchildren.  He reveals the insanity of  men's desire to slaughter each other until there isn't a single human left breathing.

Watership Down tells the story of a group of rabbits wanting to live in a free society as far away from their former cruel leaders, yet the beings they despise with absolute disrespect are homo sapiens.
The book reveals that animals believe humans have a lack of regard for each other and the earth, which is revealed in the following quote.

In both the cartoon and book, human's destructive nature will end life and our nature will never change. War and murder are still prevalent on our earth, and men still look for elaborate ways to kill others who disagree with the ideas they possess,or for greed and enjoyment, but unlike the rabbits and squirrels, I still have hope that mankind may one day shed its malignant skin and respect and appreciate the differences that create humanity.

“Men will never rest till they've spoiled the earth and destroyed the animals.” 
― Richard AdamsWatership Down

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